Motivation is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something and this can be broken down in to two traits. Intrinsic or Extrinsic.

This is an inner or natural drive to do something. They have fun, love it and do it out of joy.

These are factors externally that motivate the rider. For example,
money, trophies, free bikes, free gear or trips are all considered
external factors, Extrinsic.

It's worth as a rider to first understand what you are trying to achieve with your racing. You are reading this because you want to fulfill your potential, but what is your end goal,  what is it that you are striving for. Both traits can be motivating but Intrinsic motivation is the one proven to be most successful. It is worth noting though that when it comes to the final push, if you are intrinsically motivated only it is easier to not go the extra mile, that's when motivation through reward will drive you that bit harder, to drive you to the prize.

It is an inextricable fact though that to win motocross championships you need support and sponsors, so extrinsic factors have to play a role in your motivation as part of your plan to progress and have to be goals set along the path to success. For example to go to the next level, National Champinship for instance you need newer bike, more performance and these are out of your budget so the goal to gain sponsors becomes important, but shouldn't be the only factor. You do this sport for fun and the lifestyle and everything you enjoy about this unique sport so don't lose site of that.

Whoever is supporting you it is important for them to understand what is motivating you, for them to find out what your motovations are  so it is important for you to be honest and share that information. It could be you love being in a race situation, the praise of winning, fame or to please dad, whatever, be honest. This information will help your mental performance coach to support you in line with your motivations.

To progress to championship and professional level it is no longer a case of riding the bike. Training harder in the gym, relentless practicing and the pressure of racing every weekend trying to improve and win can drain a rider. As time goes on the joy and excitement of lining up at the gate fades away. So your mental performance coach has to help make the racing fun again.

As the pressure mounts you need people around you who share your goals and passion and understand your motivation. These are your team and their job is to keep you motivated, help remind you that this is fun and enjoyable not a job. You know only too well if you have not performed at your best or the result isn't what you wanted, share that with your mechanic if a bike problem, trainer if fitness was a problem or race coach if you are stugglinig with technique on track and work out how to improve. Your team, or mental performance coach, should be focussed on the positives and help raise your spirits for the following races and there are many ways of doing this.

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Howard Marriott