Beth Farmer

WMX Racer - How did your interest in motocross begin?
“I got a Yamaha PW50 for Christmas when I was just 3 years-old. I shared the bike with my older brother and sisters. I loved it but for some strange reason could only turn left-handers so the first time I had to go right I crashed and ended upside down in a bush! I rode at family and friends houses in their gardens before then getting my own LEM Auto when I was 6. The first actual track I rode on was at Tonymoto.”
WMX Racer - Where was your first ever competitive race meeting?
“I started racing just before my 7th birthday with Portsmouth SSC. The event was a muddy one at West Meon and I loved it but sure had plenty of tantrums and crashes.”
WMX Racer - Where did you record your first win?
“It was at Fobdown Farm with the Meon Valley Club. After that I won the Portsmouth SSC Winter Championship but my first really memorable race victory was at Culham in the 2004 Girls National.”
WMX Racer - What other notable success have you achieved?
“I won the Girls National in both 2008 and 2009 on a Honda 150F then again in 2012 on a KTM 150 2T.”
WMX Racer - We understand you’ve competed against GP rider Ben Watson, how did it go?
“It was during my last year on a 65cc in the Elite Youth Cup National series. This was a real culture shock for me as I went from being near the front in local Club Championship and other National races to now being closer to the back of the field! I was certainly a long way behind Ben!”
WMX Racer - What do you like and dislike about motocross?
“I like that wherever you race it’s just like one big family and everyone mucks in to help each other. I dislike the injuries and I have had my fair share of them that’s for sure!”
WMX Racer - Yes it’s been a painful journey along the way for you, tell us about those horrible injuries?
“It all began in 2010 when my shoulders started subluxing which is a dislocation. Sometimes they would ‘pop out’ multiple times preventing me from even lifting a dinner plate! This meant I had to miss 18 months of racing and endure alot of physio. The worst one though came in 2014 when I crashed at Pontrailas and broke my back. I had to have an operation to insert two metal rods, ten screws and two cross plates into my back and support my spinal cord which had been torn. The Doctors told me that my racing career was over and that I may not be able to walk again which was naturally very devastating and hard to accept! Quickly though I regained movement in my toes and after 10 days in hospital I was up and walking then soon doing five minute cycles on an exercise bike. By September 2015 I had defied the odds and returned to riding a motocross bike, the happiest day of my life.”

WMX Racer - Tell us a little about the 2017 BWMA series?
“It was great and thanks to Howard and Vicky Marriott who are so passionate towards the sport that they put on a Championship which was a real credit to Women’s motocross. The series offered practice, timed qualifying and three races at each round and was made enjoyable for all riders regardless of their ability. I had not raced against some of the girls before but we all parked together, got on well and helped each other out when required. There was no tension or bitterness like you generally get when you get a group of girls competing in any sport. Infact after I had won the title, the girls treated me like a sister, truly amazing! The BWMA series is the best Women’s Championship out there and anyone not doing it at present needs to sign up for 2018 and see just what they are missing ”
WMX Racer - We understand that in 2018 you will be competing in the FIM Women’s GP events?
“Yes that’s correct. There’s six rounds and I am currently trying to raise funds and sponsorship with the intention of competing in the whole series. It’s always been a dream of mine and when the dates were released we realised there was no long distance fly-away rounds. So I badgered my Dad until he agreed we could have a go at them. This is probably my one and only chance so we are determined to give it our very best shot. In 2017 I raced in the IMBA European Championship as part of the AMCA Team Great Britain squad and absolutely loved it! After getting on the podium during the final round at Amriswil in Switzerland, I finished 5th in the series standings, the best ever finish by a British girl.”

Goes to Beth Farmer saying, “I would like more affiliations to recognise us and provide us with the same opportunity as the lads have to progress in the sport. The BWMA though is trying to do just that and I hope all the girls racing in the UK realise it and support us as the more we get the better chance we have of really kicking off and not just being seen as a joke! My niece rides on an Auto and I would like to think that by the time she reaches my age, Women’s motocross is equal alongside men’s racing.”

Interview by Mike Wood